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Process-Based Management:

The process management or process-based management is one of the 8 management principles of quality management.

Its importance resides in the fact that results are achieved with more efficiency when the activities and the related resources are managed as a process. Management based on processes was one of the great contributions to quality management when it emerged as the evolution of quality assurance.

Our organization has established a functional management. That is to say, we work in departments with a clearly defined hierarchy and the attention is focussed on the result of the activities of each person or each department. When adopting a process-based management focus, the department structure is not removed from the organization but the attention is drawn to the result of each process and to how they provide value to the customer.

ADVENTAGES of process-based management:

  • Facilitates customer orientation.
  • Improves effectiveness and efficiency of the activities.
  • Helps structure the activities of the organization.
  • Allows to improve the follow-up and control of results.
  • Facilitates the scheduling and setting of targets for improvement as well as their achievement.
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