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The data of the last Sere´s Study of Implementation of the Electronic Invoice the number of documents processed in Spain amounted to 156,656,072, 32,19% more compared to previous years.

Thanks to the use of the «invoice 2.0», we saved a total of 775,5 million in the management of the received invoices received and 440,2 million euros in the management of issued invoices. Also we saved 570.303 hours in the processing of the received and 92.127 hours in the issued, in addition to significantly reduce the environmental impact derived from the elimination of the use of paper.


The Government will create a Fund for enterprises to finance the purchases of equipment, the program aims to modernize the productive equipment of industrial enterprises. These grants will be those companies who acquire or install equipment in their production lines of equipment giving an improvement when it comes to l carrying out their production processes and be able to be more competitive in the market.


IFEMA will hold the 19th edition of the International Salon of solutions for the electrical and electronics industry, MATELEC 2018, which will take place from 13 to 16 November 2018.

MATELEC once again to reveal itself as the trade event of reference in southern Europe for the sector of electric, electronic and telecommunications with the sectors of electrical installations, telecommunications and networks, mechanisms, cables and conductors, Energy storage and consumption, electronics, electric vehicle, home automation, building automation and Smart Cities.


Entrepreneur is a person with an attitude and aptitude that allows them to undertake new challenges. This kind of people like to beyond where they have arrived, always looking for new targets. Do you feel identified? Below, we give you some tips to put in practice:


The international exhibition of machine tools, a national reference and the third most important fair in Europe in its field, will introduce  to the sector all new developments in machine, tools, components and accessories, automation, Metrology, quality control, etc.

The edition of the BIEMH 2018 will be held from  May 28 to June 1 in Bilbao. On its 30th anniversary the BIEMH has opted for a technology offer without precedents.  It is characterized for bringing together leading firms of the sector and its recognition at the international level. In its latest edition it gathered a total of 1,533 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors, whereas  for the 2018 edition the participation of professionals from more than 50 countries has already been confirmed.



This week has elapsed the European week in defence of the night trains, an initiative driven by "Back on track (organization rade up by ecologist and the state coordinator in defense os the public,social and sustainable railway)

"normal" railway"and night, a form of transportation that musn´t disappear".

During the week several protests in Madrid and Barcelona have been held to demand the recovery of some trains routes that had been eliminated. This week aims to report the phenomenon of the removal of this type of train. 


President Trump announced a tax of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum. The proposal is not clear yet, but it is expected to have a limited impact.

It is foreseen that these tariffs do raise US prices for steel and aluminum. This will help domestic producers and will certainly create hundreds of new jobs in the metallurgical industry. Trump’s new tariffs will take effect in mid-march and represent the desire the US government to support the national industry against foreign competitors.



Have you ever stopped to think about what Industry 4.0 is? It is also known as “the fourth industrial revolution”.

Industry 4.0 provides companies with new means of productions to improve their productivity. Nevertheless, they are not easy to implement due to the inertia of years of operation and the existence of traditional processes.Therefore, changing the system becomes a difficult task, as new things need to be introduced and minor changes will not be enough to change the system.