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NICOLAS CORREA ELECTRONICA S.A. started its business activity in the year 2000 joined to the machine tool field and taking advantage of Nicolas Correa’s know-how in the performance of value-added electrical, electronical and automation tasks and thus enhancing these activities with a more appropriate organizational framework defined by higher agility, flexibility and competitiveness.


Over time, the company has diversified by adding more high added-value, imaginative and valid activities for customers achieving a high productive capacity based on the methodology of Total Quality Management.

The MAIN GOAL of NICOLAS CORREA ELECTRONICA S.A. as a manufacturer of industrial equipment and installations is to serve as a bridge between the current control and automation technologies and our customers, giving a personalized attention to meet their demands.

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Nicolas Correa Electronica,
Polígono Industrial Villalonquejar
c/ Condado de Treviño, 69, Nave 1
09001 BURGOS.
Telf: +34 947 473 517
Fax : +34 947 473 518
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